Creating a Sustainable Company through Employee

Creating a Sustainable Company through Employee Engagement [November 29, 2022]

November 29, 2022, at 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET


From being an owner-led, family enterprise, the shareholders decided to move to a Corporate model allowing the Company to transition to where it has today. Midas Safety has been on a journey to ‘deliver sustainable profits for the next 200 years.  The company is known for its culture and yet we found ourselves faced with the same challenges as others with respect to retaining talent.  This is when we decided to formally pursue and invest in employee engagement. There were debates on whether we should the time, investment, and effort that we’d put into engagement could be channelized elsewhere. Why fix something that is not broken? Did we have the internal capability, the line manager ownership, and the leadership drive to open a new chapter in our transition journey?  Would teams participate positively in the process? After evaluating different engagement tools, the company selected one and carried out the first survey in 2021 followed by the second in 2022. We started from scratch and in two years, the whole process generated invaluable learnings for us at many levels and we feel for others as well – that employee engagement can be leveraged to create a sustainable company.

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