HR in Hospitality Conference

September 21 – 23, 2021

What does Hospitality HR offer that other HR conferences miss? Find out what hundreds of your colleagues have already discovered…

• Proven HR strategies from hospitality organizations of all sizes.

• Essential advice from experienced lawyers with experience in the specifics of hospitality and employment in the field of employment law.

• Leading experts share their views on key topics affecting the industry today.

• And more!

Hear from leading industry experts from hospitality organizations of all sizes, including Hilton Worldwide, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Dinex, and Loews Hotels

While recruiters can use specific hospitality hiring strategies to reduce these causes and attract the right talent—people who can do the job well and fit the corporate culture, the role of the HR department is more than just hiring.

Human resources in the hospitality industry must continue to support employees during working hours, ensure employee satisfaction, growth opportunities, and career development training wherever possible to resolve compensation issues and implement benefit plans ever.

Hospitality HR needs to work with senior management (and perhaps the legal department) to create a workplace where every employee feels welcome and valued.

Inclusion doesn’t just happen because you have a diverse workforce, you have to enable it. And having an inclusive work environment makes your company more agile, creative, innovative, and able to attract the best talent because you want employees to work in the culture you promote.

By monitoring the collected data, you can identify trends as they occur and discover tipping points where permanent employees are leaving, and plan strategies to correct these problem areas.

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