HRcoreACADEMY Summit

13th & 14th OCTOBER 2021


In the past year, human resources have undergone many changes, from a sudden shift in strategy to the growing importance of well-being. Moving forward and beyond means continuing to challenge the expectations of the HR function and driving innovation.

After the development of computers, robots, and, more recently, AI, many believe that technology will soon take full control. As automation replaces functions and processes, we begin to wonder how much importance we “still” place on people…

Human resources have never had the best chance of demonstrating the true value of the role of people, and this is a colossal role.

Talent / L&D executives are facing the challenge by planning to double their efforts over the next two years to empower their HR teams. To succeed, professional employees need to become more data, business, and experience-oriented.

It’s more important than ever to adapt to the challenges organizations face in real-time: guiding an experimental work history; when and how to fire employees; encouraging morale/involvement with employees; employer welfare; developing critical skills, leading D&I and innovation, cutting costs and prepare for the worst.

Digital transformation has been on the rise for nearly a decade and while most of the world is “slowing down”, we find ourselves in an increasingly disorganized, mixed, and data-driven world. Human resources and L&D leaders must prepare for even faster changes.

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