The Future of Compensation and Total Rewards

The Future of Compensation and Total Rewards[October 25, 2022]

Tuesday, October 25, 2022


This virtual event will focus on how compensation and total rewards are undergoing a change in today’s workplace. Total rewards–which is the combination of benefits, compensation, and rewards that employees receive from their organizations–have long represented one of the most critical HR functions. Today, it has become especially crucial in attracting and retaining key talent. The pandemic and subsequent trends, including a rise in inflation rates, have caused a marked change in what employees desire and how organizations view total rewards. 

Not only are employees seeking higher compensation rates in a tight job market, but many are also looking for compensation offerings that go beyond paychecks. Personalizing benefits to suit individual needs is often key. Child care benefits, eldercare benefits, flexible work arrangements, and wellness programs: are just a few of the offerings that employees are seeking based on their individual circumstances. 

How is pay being linked to performance? How is it being personalized? How much of a role does it play in retaining and attracting employees? This event will examine such trends, discuss how practices have recently changed, and look at how they are expected to evolve in the near future. We will also explore the analytics that could help companies better benchmark their total rewards offerings. 

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