The State of People Analytics

The State of People Analytics[September 14, 2022]

Wednesday, September 14, 2022


This special event focuses on HR metrics and data analysis, one of the most difficult but important tasks facing HR professionals today.’s research shows that although most HR professionals consider analytical skills as an important skill, it remains an underrepresented skill in the industry. Our experience focuses on today’s HR metrics and analytics usage and the latest technology trends. It will also answer a number of related questions, including:

• In which areas of HR are it most important to assess?

• How difficult is it to correctly collect and integrate the data used in the analysis?

• What technologies are most important in the collection, visualization, and analysis of HR-related data?

• What factors influence HR analysis?

• How can non-HR information be integrated into HR data to arrive at meaningful findings that aid business planning?

• What kinds of monitoring and reporting tools and processes are most effective in helping managers understand HR practices and the implications of HR strategies and practices?

• How successful are HR professionals in job planning, and where is this going in the future?

This event not only provides an in-depth look at these issues today but also asks HR professionals to look several years into the future to see where they are going. In addition, it will analyze the practices of organizations that are strong in the field of HR analysis and compare them with the practices of other organizations. What makes them different? What can aspiring HR professionals in this area learn from them? This event will explain these and other important questions.

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