Coaching Skills for HR: How to Coach Employees to Resolve Small Conflicts on Their Own

Coaching Skills for HR: How to Coach Employees to Resolve Small Conflicts on Their Own

About This Course:

Human resources employees often spend a lot of time resolving or resolving conflicts between employees and colleagues or employees and managers.

While these conflicts are sometimes issues that require HR involvement, they are often just minor disagreements or misunderstandings – things that could have been handled much more effectively and efficiently than the team members involved could – and should – without be involved in human resources.

Every time you step into the game and become a peacemaker, you teach your employees to seek help with these issues. Your time – and theirs – is best spent using your energy to train team members to develop the skills they need to handle minor conflicts on their own. It’s a win for everyone involved and something you can achieve.

This audio training session outlines the steps HR can take to help employees learn – and get used to – managing small conflicts on their own while leaving the office door open to larger issues that affect employee engagement employee’s co-worker.

What will you learn?

Join this informative audio training session to learn how to reinforce these issues as a learning and training opportunity for team members to deal with such conflicts. Only. Key areas covered include:

Top reasons why HR or management people expect to step in and resolve minor conflicts in the workplace (you can’t do it if you don’t know why this is happening!)

  • Strategies for teaching employees and managers effective conflict management skills so they can manage conflicts effectively
  • How are managers trained to act constructively in situations where employees want to get involved in conflicts they are dealing with directly?
  • Essential coaching skills to help employees successfully manage their efforts to handle minor conflicts between peers or supervisors so they learn to do so independently
  • Tips for convincing team members that it’s in their best interest to research before real conflicts are found before those issues are addressed in the chain of command or after HR.

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