How to keep your people motivated during COVID-19

For many leaders, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic started with a lot of crisis work: moving teams virtually, following short-term project plans, and managing the impact of licenses on their employees.

While these first hurdles have been overcome, leaders are beginning to experience a decline in people’s motivation to work and leave, which can have a significant impact on long-term business performance.

The psychology of learning and knowledge retention is at the heart of our approach. Our people also bring extensive experience with action at the highest level, such as in Olympic, military, artistic and commercial sports. This unique combination allows us to walk with leaders and act as trusted advisors to challenge and support them on their transformation journey.

This means that people can develop behaviors that help them not only do the job well but in all areas of their lives. It gives people the confidence and faith to try new things and thrive.

In this webinar with CEO Adrian Moorhouse and Consulting Director Paul Jewitt-Harris we discuss:

  • How people’s motivation was affected differently during COVID-19
  • What is motivation and how can leaders influence it?
  • Great tips and strategies to keep people motivated at work and on vacation

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