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The 4-Step Approach to Implement an Agile Talent Management Strategy

On-Demand | 1 hour

Discussion Topics:

  • Understand the main benefits of establishing a qualified talent management strategy
  • Recognize the main obstacles to building an effective talent management strategy
  • Discover a four-step approach to developing a talent management strategy

Business leaders rely on human resources to deliver talented results that drive the business efficiently and cost-effectively. However, as organizations become more complex, managing talent becomes more difficult, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Many HR executives now manage a complex web of industry structures and talent initiatives that struggle to deliver the results that business leaders seek. Many HR managers believe in the promise of linking talent management processes to achieve more efficient and effective talent goals across the organization. To do this, talent management leaders need to identify high-impact talent management activities, their interdependence, and opportunities for improvement, and ensure they evolve with the needs of the business. In this webinar, HR managers are introduced to a four-step process for developing a skillful and coordinated talent management strategy that aligns with the organization’s overall HR strategy and talent goals.

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