What to Do When Applicants or Employees Have a Criminal History


What to do if a candidate or employee has a criminal record?

This is becoming increasingly common: a candidate’s background test returns with problems or it is later discovered that a new hire has a criminal record. What are the legal requirements and what should you do?

What will you learn?

This conference call focuses on some of the most common background checks many hiring managers face, including:

  • The story returns with an arrest, but no conviction
  • Does your state prohibit discrimination based on arrest records?
  • A current employee says he will be “for a while” because he will have to spend 90 days in prison for his second DUI
  • The employer’s “double-edged sword”: job security, elimination of low wages, and potential discrimination of candidates
  • Company Policies and Job Descriptions: Keys to Finding Candidates
  • Pre-employment background checks: What you need to know to protect yourself from negligence
  • The FCRA and Adverse Actions: Closing a job offer when a background check returns with arrest or conviction?
  • How to avoid complaints about different treatments and impacts
  • The EEOC’s “three-factor test” when considering a candidate with a criminal record
  • Understand how EEOC vs. beliefs
  • Avoid negligent retention: how to deal with a current employee who is now in contact with the law

Background checks are one of the most critical aspects of the hiring process. Provides a clear picture of the candidate’s past and present. An employee’s history is a process a company uses to verify that they are the person they claim to be. Background checks provide an opportunity for someone to check the applicant’s criminal background, education, work history, and other past activities to confirm their validity.

Background checks for employment purposes are an essential tool for companies. Background checks can help you select the best candidates for your organization. Background checks play a vital role in making better hiring decisions. 84% of employers still derive significant benefits from background checks.

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