Scale Your Smaller HR Department for Success

Scale Your Smaller HR Department for Success

Your Smaller HR Team Can Do More with Automation

Smaller HR departments are common, with an average staff-to-employee ratio of around 2.57 for all organizations. With each added employee, there are more responsibilities to manage. These tasks are often time-consuming, involving manual processes and multiple systems.

However, running an HR department successfully with one to three people is possible, even when experiencing an employee count increase. It can be done with proactive planning and strategic use of workforce management technology to automate specific HR and payroll tasks.

Our free guide outlines how to streamline your HR processes and scale up your HR team.

These considerations include:

  • Current challenges that smaller HR departments face
  • Why automating HR processes creates opportunities to be more strategic
  • How a one-person HR department met the demands of their growing workforce by leveraging technology

Smaller HR departments can achieve big goals with the right tools. Download your free guide to get started.

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