Lane Crawford digitally transforms HR to deliver an incredible employee experience

Lane Crawford, the Asian leader in luxury products, has embarked on a journey of digital HR transformation with SAP SuccessFactors. The result is greater efficiency, productivity gains, and streamlined processes, and now your employees are in control of their careers.

Technology has changed the way employees work. The latest tools include artificial intelligence, automation, targeted workflows, and broader communication channels. Furthermore, the generational demographics of the workforce are changing. Baby boomers are leaving the workforce, while millennials represent the majority of the workforce. Millennials have different expectations from their employers than previous generations. Millennials want organizations to adopt technology as quickly as possible and expect companies to evaluate their opinion and vote. This means that human resources often try to balance old organizational processes with the new demands placed on a new generation of employees.

As all these changes take place, human resources need to become more strategic. In particular, human resources need to think about more than just managing payroll, benefits, and procedures; Human resources teams must recognize that employees must be served in the same way as the company’s customers. With that in mind, human resources should focus more on engagement, retention, and culture. All of these elements can have a positive effect on the employee experience.

The employee is made up of different segments with different needs and pains. To create the best “work path”, human resources need to target and adapt their services. The HR strategy should be employee-centric and focused on strengthening teams across the company.

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