Trends in Executive Search and Recruiting

Talentor Partners talks about human resource trends and how they are impacting hiring and search strategies in the executive search industry. Executive search has always been the ultimate recruiting discipline.

Digital transformation has broken the rules of the game when it comes to dating. In general, companies struggle with the retention and shortage of qualified and experienced talent. Climbing the stairs makes the quest even more difficult. Top managers are also increasingly discovering the door to default.

With disruptive changes and technological advances, you’re potential to appear as the great equalizer only increases. In this context, it is essential to find the right people who can act as the company’s main differentiators. Senior professionals need a combination of market knowledge, technical skills, emotional intelligence, and personal skills to compete for leadership positions. Above all, they must have a good cultural background, which not only contributes financially to the company’s growth but also contributes to a strong organizational culture, which brings together employees with a shared vision and common goals.

The economy no longer favors intermediate entrepreneurs and non-starters, especially at the higher levels. CXOs are expected to add value to their role from the start. Due to this impatience with average performance, replacements are on the rise. HR employees must proactively prepare for this.

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