A week without work in Russia; COVID-19 infections are increasing

A week without work in Russia; COVID-19 infections are increasing

Starting Oct. 30, Russia will enter a work-free week to control the rapid spread of COVID-19 infections in the country. President Vladimir Putin supports the Russian government’s proposal to ban workers from its offices.

Four of the seven days of the week after October 30th are already holidays. In regions where the situation is serious, working days start on Saturdays.

The move is in line with government efforts to protect the lives and health of Russian citizens and minimize the impact of the spread of the infection. With this, the government wants to slow down the infection and, at the same time, mobilize the extra resources that the health system needs.

The government’s coronavirus task force said the holiday would also mean further restrictions on access to public places, including restaurants, movie theaters, and other venues, which are still fully operational. Local authorities in each region must impose restrictions.

In addition, the Russian government has taken steps to adequately compensate companies affected by the change. One-off payments equal to a minimum monthly payment per employee and low-interest credits will also be included in government compensation plans.

The country has seen an increase in the number of deaths reported by the virus in recent weeks. The death toll exceeded 1,000 this week. The increase in the number of infections was attributed to low vaccination coverage, the public’s negligent attitude towards precautions, and the government’s reluctance to increase restrictions.

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