Addition Wealth Releases Employee-Oriented Financial Wellness Platform

Addition Wealth Releases Employee-Oriented Financial Wellness Platform

Addition Wealth, a provider of financial wellness benefits, announced on February 9 the launch of a digital platform to make the personal financial wellness experience accessible to employees. Addition Wealth is known for empowering employees by providing the technology and tools they need to make smart financial decisions.

A PwC survey called the 2021 Employees Financial Awareness Survey reported that 87% of employees seek help with their finances. The addition will allow employees on their journey to gain insights into personal finances, stock compensation, stock sales and purchases, retirement savings, and home purchases.

I founded Addition because everyone should have access to the tools and resources to make smart, informed personal financial decisions. There’s a gap in the market when it comes to navigating finances, and existing options are either too generic or too expensive. We partner with forward-thinking companies who want to provide inclusive access for their employees to navigate personal financial decisions and make the most out of their money.”

– Ana Mahony, CEO & Founder of Addition,

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