Adloid plans to hire 120 professionals worldwide

Adloid, a technology company specializing in augmented reality (AR), plans to expand. The company rents from the campuses of the top B-schools in the country, including IIM and IIT, and other engineering colleges. The company plans to hire more than 120 professionals for various positions, including 40 freshmen. For mid-level and higher-level positions, the company will contract external channels.

For technology initiatives that transcend their boundaries, talent development and acquisition can be an excellent tool for excellence in a rapidly changing technology environment.

“Global expansion is significantly improving the company’s growth and entering a global market is not an easy task,” said Kanav Singla, founder, and CEO of Adloid. He says hiring new talent with strong technical skills will double their thought process and help them explore more opportunities in overseas markets. “Our only reason for expanding around the world is to make the world smaller with innovative technology and create an ecosystem that facilitates the transition from digital to virtual and to make pervasive technology accessible to everyone,” Singla says.

Adloid is partnering with TCS and SAP to gain access to the European and US markets. The company is doubling down to expand its digital marketing channels in India and beyond, with a customer base in various industries such as automotive, home decor, eyewear, jewelry, and cosmetic brands.

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