Amazon causes shortage of bus drivers in the US

Amazon causes a shortage of bus drivers in the US

In the United States, there is a huge shortage of bus drivers in the states of New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania. The situation is so bad that students at schools and universities are being forced to travel by taxi or use Uber and other taxi services. The problem is that institutions are losing their bus drivers to e-commerce giant Amazon. These drivers also switch jobs for higher wages to other passenger services and long-distance bus companies.

During the blockade, when all students were locked in their homes and taking classes online, the same school bus drivers were unemployed and desperate to work. Amazon’s call and delivery centers consulted them. Public schools are now doing their best to retain their drivers, offering wages of up to $30 an hour, and private bus contracting companies offer bonuses of up to $5,000!

In Palm Beach, Florida, schools are competing with a newly opened Amazon warehouse in the area that is aggressively attracting higher-paid drivers. The company offers $2 more per hour of wages than the region’s public schools.

In the state of Danbury, Amazon is offering other employees $300 referral bonuses to attract executives to the company. Amazon is speeding up the hiring process to meet the growing demand for the holiday season.

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