expands US workforce, hires 1,50,000 seasonal workers expands US workforce, hires 1,50,000 seasonal workers

Although Amazon made about 100 seasonal rentals last year, it expects to hire 1,50,000 seasonal workers before this year’s holiday.

At a time when there is a labor shortage in the United States, Amazon has already raised the average starting wage to more than $18 an hour. Demand for seasonal workers is expected to be higher in Illinois, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, California, and Arizona.

The e-commerce giant will hire more than 20,000 seasonal workers in California, more than 6,000 in Arizona, and more than 4,000 in Illinois. He will also take on various roles in Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, Oregon, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

These new employees are expected to work at more than 250 new distribution and distribution centers, delivery stations, and local air centers located throughout the United States.

They help Amazon deliver on time. Also in this high season, the company hopes to be able to make its full-time employees more flexible.

Meanwhile, Amazon has started hiring in the UK to fill around 20,000 seasonal vacancies before Christmas.

About three weeks ago, Amazon in India announced that it had created more than 1 10,000 seasonal jobs in its operational network for the holiday season.

These new employees will contribute to the collection, packaging, shipping, and delivery processes, as well as making Amazon’s existing network of employees across the country more efficient and ensuring fast and safe deliveries.

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