Apple fires #AppleToo movement leader

Apple fires #AppleToo movement leader

An Apple Applications Manager, who is also a leader in the #AppleToo movement, was fired by the company for what Apple called “non-compliance.”

Janneke Parrish is accused of deleting files from her official devices during an internal investigation into workers’ organizations and leaks. Among the files he deleted were several programs, such as Pokémon GO, Google Drive, and Robinhood.

However, employees believe Parrish’s resignation is in retaliation for the company, as it was actively involved in the #AppleToo movement. Another employee was recently fired for leaking official information that should have been kept confidential.

After his resignation, the CEO sent an official memo to employees, clearly stating that employees who disclosed confidential information were not part of the company and that those involved in such activities would soon be arrested and subjected to strict measures. The employee, Ashley Gjovik, later revealed how the company’s employees were mistreated and discriminated against.

Parrish and another colleague, Cher Scarlett, a software engineer, began revealing and sharing stories of discrimination and harassment at Apple. They actively use the #AppleToo website to encourage employees to share their experiences in other media.

Scarlett, who spoke for telecommuting and payment transparency, was taken off sick leave for alleged harassment for her activities and for speaking out.

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