Apple’s dealers tempting workers with attractive bonuses

Apple’s dealers tempting workers with attractive bonuses

Apple’s suppliers in China are gearing up to meet the expected increase in demand for the next version of the iPhone 13. The models compete with each other to attract new employees and offer attractive employee bonuses.

There is a shortage of manpower and this is a time when more resources are needed before the September launch. Currently, there are fewer factory opportunity buyers in China. More and more workers are choosing among the industrial workforce. Mobile factories need thousands of workers to meet the demand for the new iPhone models, which is expected to be very high. Therefore, they have no choice but to attract employees with high starting bonuses.

The bonus amount is split between the new employee and the reporter. The Integrated Digital Product Business Group or iDPBG employee will receive 9,500 Yuan, while the remainder of 700 Yuan is allocated to the referent. The company shared the details at a new recruiting post last week.

The renewed focus on expanding the workforce is aimed at meeting the anticipated demands of the iPhone 13 series, due out in the fall. Apple is expected to ship more than 130 million iPhone units by 2021. If orders arrive on schedule, Apple’s current manufacturing facilities will only partially allow the company to meet the demand for iPhone 13 models.

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