“Choose your work-from-office days”: Amazon to employees

“Choose your work-from-office days”: Amazon to employees

Amazon was very interested in bringing its corporate employees back to the office. In September of this year, the company planned to bring back all its employees, especially from their physical offices, but the pandemic situation in the United States did not allow the company to do so. As the delta variant is quite active in the United States, the e-commerce giant has had to delay its return to office even further.

In a letter to employees, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said that the company now allows its team leaders to decide how many days their teams want to visit the office. Simply put, the company left the decision of how best to serve its customers to its team.

Jassy believes it doesn’t matter where people work. If they think they can serve clients from home, they are free to do so, and if they want to visit the office, they can use the office space whenever they want.

The company has 75,000 employees in its Seattle office and also has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. In the post, Jassy also expressed her gratitude to all the people working on her design, development, and testing teams, who have not had the flexibility to work remotely, for their constant commitment and determination despite the many challenges they face did.

With the increase in operations in the country, the company further postponed its decision to reopen its offices until January 2022.

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