Cooleaf Announces New Microsoft Team Integration for Perfect Employee Engagement

Cooleaf Announces New Microsoft Team Integration for Perfect Employee Engagement

Cooleaf, the leading employee experience platform for high-performance teams, today announced the release of its new integration with Microsoft Teams, the communication and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. This new integration gives Cooleaf customers full access to their organization’s Cooleaf platform within the Teams app.

With the integration of Cooleaf’s Microsoft Teams, employee recognition and collaboration can come together in a single space. Cooleaf for Microsoft Teams allows employees to:

  • Recognize colleagues and receive recognition directly from the Teams app
  • Years of service and four employee milestones
  • Participate in encouraged heart rate surveys focused on job satisfaction, integration, or employee engagement
  • Participate in virtual activities and challenges designed to promote EED, learning and development, health and wellness, and more
  • Redeem your reward points for gift cards, gifts, and more in a personalized rewards catalog
  • Cooleaf customers installing the Cooleaf Teams integration will have full visibility into their engagement platform, including their company’s rewards catalog, where they can redeem their points instantly, without leaving the teams. Cooleaf supports dozens of gift cards from around the world, as well as merchandising, experiences, and charitable donations.

With Cooleaf for Microsoft Teams, employees feel engaged and connected wherever they work. Watch this demo video for more information.

About Cooleaf

Cooleaf is the leading solution for companies looking to deliver exceptional experiences to their employees, customers, and prospects. Through the Cooleaf platform, forward-thinking brands can listen to feelings and suggestions through pulse recording and SaaS platform integrations, engage stakeholders through virtual rewards, incentives, and experiences, and gain insights through a powerful set of analytical tools.

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