dotin Inc. Onboarded by BYJU’S for AI Software Hiring Needs

BYJU’S, the world’s leading EdTech platform offering personalized programs for students, today announced its partnership with dotin Inc., a SaaS company that improves recruitment and retention of new and existing talent. Ensuring high-quality employees is essential to increase productivity and profitability. To support this effort, BYJU will use dotin technology and experience in employee assessment to determine the optimal candidate mix. dotin will help match candidates’ strengths with BYJU’s critical qualities. Unique, patented AI-powered pontin technology captures candidates’ key motivations and delivers insights without question, creating an impartial process that allows for streamlined implementation.

Ganesh Iyer, Founder, and CEO of Dotin Inc. said: “It’s great to see candidates adapting to the right opportunities. We’re looking forward to taking the next step towards a global implementation after months of testing. The business is very exciting for me. We hope to support the scalability of the BYJU implementation.” Pravin Prakash, Managing Director of Byjus, added: “We are growing rapidly and are excited to partner with dotin for our recruiting needs. Talent Life”.

dotin uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to objectively assess individuals’ technical skills, personality traits, cultural compatibility, workplace values ​​, and learning styles. This will help BYJU identify suitable team members in various roles that align with BYJU’s core values ​​or characteristics.

About Dotin Inc.

dotin Inc., through its patented smart SaaS-based AI platform, helps companies search diverse candidates, select, enhance and engage talent in real-time, with no questions asked. Tangible benefits include immediate improvement for inclusion and diversity, reduced talent recruitment costs by up to 90%, immediate improvement recommendations per talent, a significant reduction in attrition by 23% on average, and significant 2.5x productivity.

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