First up engages more than 15 million employees and redefines the digital employee experience for every company

First up engages more than 15 million employees and redefines the digital employee experience for every company

SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal, two high-growth SaaS leaders in the digital employee experience (DEX) market, have merged to create category leader, Firstup, a new company created to reimagine connecting with employees through transformative communications with staff. Firstup embodies a vision for the future of the modern workforce, where futuristic employee-centric companies can reach out to and connect with every worker, anywhere.

Thanks to the presence of more than 15 million workers on the Firstup platform, spread over 180 countries, the company relies on the foundations of pioneering communication with employees. Firstup’s strength is bolstered by the world’s largest customer community, made up of experienced professionals and employee communications professionals from nearly 500 companies, including 40% of Fortune 100 companies. By combining scope and the diversity of this customer community With the only truly advanced, business-friendly communications solution capable of reaching every worker, Firstup is uniquely positioned to innovate and achieve strong growth.

“Our new company takes genuine employee engagement to a whole new level,” said Gary Nakamura , CEO of Firstup. “We create software to help all employees, whether they work in the office or home, in the shop floor or on the front line, because an integrated and unified workforce is essential to the success of the business and to its culture. We believe that when organizations create a digital employee experience that works for everyone, the connection between employees and their business is finally unblocked. The resulting signals provide information about personnel that leaders were not aware of before. ”

When companies ignore what their employees are thinking, any undetected disengagement or dissatisfaction can lead to a tipping point in employee well-being. Dubbed “the Great Resignation of 2021,” the deluge of workers leaving their jobs over the past year has made us understand the reasons for this mass phenomenon. Firstup therefore commissioned a study of more than 23,000 workers in the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union. This independent investigation revealed a palpable call to action for organizations to be more transparent about their goals and initiatives, recognize and value employee contributions, and make meaningful connections with leaders and colleagues.

With Firstup, companies are able to efficiently make the right information available to each employee at the right time. “Working with hundreds of large companies around the world has allowed us to see the impact that a genuine connection with employees can have on an organization,” said Jim Larrison., Founder and Head of Customer Experience at Firstup. “CEOs can use videos to share updates on company activities, line managers can use campaigns to ensure compliance with security policies, and employees can build community with content generated by the company. users directly from their mobile device. Most importantly, being able to effectively reach all of your employees allows you to determine which ones you are actually in contact with and which ones are struggling. With this information, our clients can take action to reach the workers most in need of support and invest more in those with the greatest potential. ”

About Firstup

Firstup is redefining the digital employee experience to put people first and move businesses forward. Firstup offers communication solutions that spark genuine engagement and create two-way conversations between employees and businesses. The company’s powerful orchestration engine connects every employee, anywhere, on any device, with personalized information that helps them perform at their best. 40% of Fortune 100 companies like Amazon, ABInBev, Ford and Pfizer have chosen Firstup to power their frontline, simplify their digital workplace, and unleash the potential of their workforce.

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