Google contract workers fight against bonus cut

Google contract workers fight against bonus cut

About 250 contract workers working for Google’s data center voted against the bonus reduction. This news was promised a weekly bonus of $200 in August for every full week they invested through the end of 2021.

In October, however, they stopped receiving the bonus, despite meeting the attendance requirement (40 hours of work). They were told that this bonus program was suspended because it apparently led to the raising of a red flag for the government, reports the New York Times.

Not wanting to take this lightly, the workers, hired by an employment agency called Modis, decided to respond. Apparently, they sent hundreds of messages expressing their disappointment at the bonus reduction. About 130 temporary workers even scheduled a video call to discuss the steps to be taken. Some were willing to formally write to management and even stay away from work to fulfill their requests. This scenario is not common in the technological space.

Fortunately for the news, however, management changed before the video call could take place. They were told by Modis that their bonus would be resumed next week and that they would also receive late payment. The bonus program runs until December 19th.

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