How Allcargo benefits from sectoral Hiring

This year, Allcargo Logistics appointed Suresh Kumar R as Director of Operations in India. Kumar, who left Vodafone Idea to join Allcargo, has extensive experience and has spent three decades of his professional career in the telecommunications industry. Wondering why a senior telecommunications employee should be selected for the role of CEO in the logistics industry? We did that too, so we decided to find out more.

Indrani Chatterjee, group human resources director at Allcargo Logistics, told that the company has amassed talent from other sectors such as pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, consumer goods, and electrical consumers. Chatterjee herself was referred by the doctor’s office!

Chatterjee reveals that while the company was previously open to leasing from other industries, it did not intentionally make the effort to make it what it is today. Now, when appointing a senior leader, Allcargo emphasizes appointing the most talented, with experience of domination and people’s leadership skills. Look for people who can build strategies and innovate.

“Bringing leaders from the logistics sector allows for the cross-fertilization of knowledge. It helps Allcargo go beyond established processes and standards and challenge the status quo, leading to more innovation,” emphasizes Chatterjee.

Citing another sector, Allcargo looks at people from multinational companies that have developed activities and presence in different regions. The company is also looking for leaders from major Indian companies. “Indian business talent has entrepreneurial skills, which we emphasize,” says Chatterjee.

Chatterjee points out that Allcargo is not necessarily looking for industry leaders in every position. When appointing some departments, it is important to have previous experience in the logistics sector. For other positions, however, the company is quite open to hiring from other sectors.

For other positions, the company has an onboarding process where employees are trained to learn more about the logistics sector.

Chatterjee shares that the challenge for the appointment in other sectors is that the logistics sector in India is not well structured and therefore somewhat volatile. People who come from well-structured industries have a hard time surviving in the logistics space. Therefore, Allcargo prefers the people of the Indian telecommunications industry, which has gone through several changes.

Allcargo is also interested in hiring digital talent from the IT and technology sector. With this degree of openness to cross-sector contracts, the company seeks to become leaner, more agile, and innovative in its processes.

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