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Lattice Announces Innovative Compensation Goals and Products to Link Employee Success to Business Impact and Bridge the People-Company Gap

Lattice, the leading human resource management platform for people with a people-centric culture, announced today that it will continue to focus on transparent employees and businesses aligned with new products and services that aim to bridge the gap between human and business activities.

Unlike most HR tools designed for compliance or processes, the new Lattice products incorporate a people-centric methodology that allows organizations to better understand and support employees.

Building on the current solution, Calendar Objectives, and NQFs help teams set stronger strategic goals that drive adoption of Key Objectives and Results (NQFs) programs, increase performance, and drive engagement. This visibility and understanding allow business leaders to align their team with the company’s strategic priorities and encourage each employee to fulfill those missions. By helping teams define their goals, people leaders can provide alignment and results that help companies achieve success.

A new strategic focus, Lattice Compensation Solution, allows teams to develop clear and fair compensation practices that recognize and reward employees for their work. On the Lattice platform, HR teams can manage the compensation review process from a centralized, secure hub that seamlessly integrates employee performance information into decision-making. To enable clear and meaningful compensation discussions, business leaders and managers gain insight into individual and team compensation trends. Employees can see their payroll information in their Lattice accounts.

Together, these two additions to the Lattice platform provide deeper insights for employees and managers, enabling greater operational efficiency with the human side of human resources.

With greater visibility and fairness, HR executives and HR executives will have a deeper understanding to make informed decisions, and HR activities will be more personalized for each employee. Lattice’s new products contribute to the goal of connecting employees’ work to the value they offer organizations and provide a source of truth to ensure employees and managers make the right decisions and deliver results.

About the grid

Lattice is the human resources platform that helps HR managers build high-performance teams. By combining continuous performance management, employee engagement, development, and training in one solution, HR teams benefit from powerful real-time analytics that leads to actionable insights that turn managers into leaders, employees into entrepreneurs workplaces. The Lattice Company is headquartered in San Francisco and has more than 3,000 customers, including Slack, Monzo, and Tide.

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