Making Progress on Its Sustainability Journey, Workhuman Announces New Milestones

Making Progress on Its Sustainability Journey, Workhuman Announces New Milestones

Workhuman®, a pioneer in the field of public service, announced important milestones on its international tour. Workhuman aims to make work more global, and much of it is about ensuring that the company thrives in a more prosperous environment. To celebrate World Day, the company is sharing more information about its promotion, commitment, and success plans.

An important step in its ongoing journey, Workhuman achieved carbon neutrality in global emissions in 2021, in addition to Scope 3 emissions, through advanced carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs). The acquisition was conducted in partnership with six other software companies organized by Sustainability Roundtable, Inc., the ESG Support Program Consulting and Services Support Center of which Workhuman is a member.

“The movement towards a human-centered workplace led by Workhuman is a source of hope, a more sustainable business is one that grows beyond extracting value to create value. This begins with recognizing and promoting our inalienable human and ecological dignity. For this reason, Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. considers it a privilege to assist Workhuman.”

                                               – Jim Boyle, CEO & Founder of Sustainability Roundtable, Inc.

Workhuman will eliminate all of its 2021 Scope 1 emissions, except Scope 3 business travel and projected energy production from home workers. Workhuman has partnered with Natural Capital Partners, the world’s leading carbon neutral and climate finance specialist, to implement these solutions from the Mississippi Valley Reforestation Program, which is approved by the U.S. Carbon Registry and aims to develop millions of acres in the sub-region. Mississippi alluvium. Light. Unlike another carbon dioxide, which prevents the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this system removes the existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As Workhuman is exploring the possibility of introducing a science target, the acquisitions are in line with the science target plan for a new document supporting carbon offset projects.

“The work of a worker to create new jobs starts with ours, and the key is to make sure we do everything we can to protect the environment,” he said. And people are building the future – the whole world – for all living things. We know that there is still a lot of work to be done. However, we are fully committed to this journey and we are allowed to work with many companies with similar ideas. Reducing the risk of climate change affects everyone. “

Workhuman has several other internal and external experiments as part of its long-term lobbying strategy and journey, including:

  • An in-depth materiality analysis in 2021 to identify the main focus of the ESG (environmental, social, and governance). As part of the review, Workhuman worked with the Sustainability Roundtable to conduct a brief and confidential review with 40 key stakeholders and heads of key business groups and departments. The following independent review will be used to guide current and future ESG investments and key issues.
  • Create a new ERG group – called LiveGreen – to promote and demonstrate strong practices in Workhuman’s offices and surrounding communities. On World Day 2022, the team will support cleanups in Ireland (Dollymount Strand, Sandymount Strand, and the ParkWest Channel) and East Boston (via the Friends of Boston Harborwalk) and will also welcome journalist and meteorologist Catherine Cleary to talk to a circular company.
  • Win the Ecovadis Silver Award. EcoVadis is the world’s leading provider of commercial advertising research. The role of this ESG is practiced in four areas: culture, region, continuous purchasing, and workers’ / individual rights. The Workman Silver Medal Award raises more than 25 percent of listed companies.
  • Working with contributors who value the environment respects practices. Workhuman has helped finance tree planting around the world through the global climate change crisis of GRS and Evergrow. In 2021 and 2022, the Eden Reforestation Project has planted nearly a million new trees and beehives in Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, Kenya, and Indonesia due to the Workhuman trade.
  • Donating to non-profit organizations and donors is changing the fight against global climate change. In the last two days on Earth, Workhuman is donating $ 10,000 to the World Climate Change Fund (WWF). As the world’s leading nature conservation organization, WWF operates in nearly 100 countries. At all levels, they work with people around the world to create and deliver solutions that protect the environment, wildlife, and habitats.
  • Replacement of laptops and other electronic devices for non-profits near our offices. These efforts reduce the environmental impact by improving the lives of countless other people. Groups we donated electronics to, including science club girls, future chefs, Foróige, Camara Education, Catie’s Closet, and Innercity Weightlifting.
  • Build a new symbiotic mode of operation and a future stable office. As the country begins to return in greater numbers, Workhuman will meet the needs of its people by increasing the flexibility of working from home. This slows down mobility, thus reducing the company’s environmental impact. Workhuman is upgrading its Dublin and Framingham offices to create more premises and facilities. Revitalized offices have trash cans for composting, recycling, strengthening, and living, as well as several non-physique items that support human health and mental and physical well-being.

About Workhuman

Workhuman® creates a community work environment with a winning Social Recognition® and Sustainable Performance Development solution. Workhuman encourages more than 6 million people in 180 countries to do the best work of their lives. For the past 22 years, HR and business leaders have used Workhuman Cloud® to gain the clear knowledge needed to transform and manage a cohesive, people-centric workplace that accelerates engagement and success.

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