Maxim Healthcare Launches Sunburst Workforce

Maxim Healthcare Launches Sunburst Workforce Advisors

A leading medical agency, Maxim Healthcare Staffing, has announced the opening of Sunburst Workforce Advisors. With quality service-led, Sunburst will help ease the challenging talent and job market.

Sunburst enables customers to build and manage their spontaneous staff. And with the expertise of Maxim Healthcare Staffing, the organization has partnered with reputable retailers in the healthcare industry. This gives Sunburst the power to deliver consistent solutions that solve customer problems.

“In the midst of high demand for health care professionals, customers are seeking creative solutions that will help them return to a sustainable operating rhythm. By providing vendors with transparency and supporting customers with an intelligent vendor network, Sunburst can be the bridge that gets customers back to a state of normalcy. Health care has, and always will be, a people-based business. When aligned, the people, process, and technology combine to provide the best possible care for patients. But in the end, it’s the people that make this industry what it is – so finding the optimal talent matches for our customers is our highest priority.”

                          – Jason Cupples, vice president of Sunburst Workforce Advisors

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