McHire, Powered by Paradox, Adds AI-Powered Assessment IntegEmployee Retentionration to Improve

Developed by Paradox, McHire is the platform McDonald’s franchisees rely on to find, hire and integrate new employees with fast-paced mobile experiences and now integrates with Sprockets to reveal who will play their best team members and prevent injuries on the move. Reduce workplace.

This integration combines the speed of Paradox’s McHire platform with the accuracy of Sprockets, an AI-powered solution that has been shown to improve 90-day retention by 43%. It immediately predicts the likelihood that a candidate will pass and remain for a long time using artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and over 80 years of psychological research.

Sprockets CEO AJ Richichi explained how integration is solving the challenges facing affiliates: “The QSR industry is struggling with nearly 150% of annual revenue and COVID-19 has created new challenges that require equally diverse solutions … our decision leads to drastic changes. Lower revenue, less time spent on the recruiting process, and a better customer experience. “

Sprockets software integrates directly with McHire to further simplify the hiring process, allowing GMs to focus more on day-to-day operations. Richichi said, “While McHire is a great way to get candidates, schedule interviews, expand offers and more, adding Sprockets will help affiliates look to the future and hire the right people.” Many McDonald’s franchises have already improved Sprockets loyalty and it’s now even easier for other businesses to get the same results without signing up for two different tools.

This integration with McHire is a big step for Sprockets as it improves the hiring experience for both candidates and employers. Richichi says, “The application of influential technologies like McHire is confirmation that we are making progress in creating a more efficient and fairer hiring process for the hourly workforce. As we continue to grow, we are constantly looking for innovative partners with a mission… to make a positive change in hourly wages. “

About the paradox:

Launched in 2016, Paradox creates the world’s leading global recruiting software to realize automation with a human touch. Paradox Call Assistant Olivia serves global clients with recruiting needs in highly skilled professional roles and works for talented teams that don’t have the time to streamline tasks such as triage, interview scheduling, and more through initial interactions. . In 2021, Paradox also acquired Traitify to include simple visual personality assessments as part of its product offering. In just five years, the Scottsdale-based company has earned the trust of the world’s top employers, including Unilever, McDonald’s, CVS Health, PepsiCo, Lowe’s, and General Motors, and has won numerous awards, including best HR product for HR managers. 2019 and then named one of the top employers for Forbes startups in 2020 and 2021. The company was also recently named the 225th fastest growing company in the country by Inc 5000.

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