#Netflixwalkout: Employees Disapprove of Streaming Dave Chapelle's 'The Closer'

#Netflixwalkout: Employees Disapprove of Streaming Dave Chapelle’s ‘The Closer’

Netflix employees went on strike in front of the company building in California, USA, on October 20th. They expressed disappointment at the company’s decision to broadcast comedian Dave Chapelle’s latest performance, The Closer.

According to protesting officials, the special comedian mocked the transgender community. The protest, correctly dubbed “Stand Up in Solidarity” by authorities, also attracted non-Netflix employees to join the rally and support the suspension. It’s getting popular on Twitter with #Netflixwalkout and several celebrities have supported contributors.

The New York Times reported that, in addition to holding physical demonstrations, many other workers working in remote locations also turned off their desks in the afternoon and stopped during the day to show solidarity with their colleagues at the event abroad.

Protesters reportedly pulled up signs that read: Hey Netflix: Do It Better “and transphobia is no joke”.

The revolt against controversial LGBTQ jokes was answered on Oct. 8 by Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos. In an internal email, Sarandos announced that the company will not withdraw the special; that he didn’t believe the special had exaggerated his opinion.

Sarandos’ correspondence further shocked the officers, who considered the offensive special. Sarandos later admitted to Variety that he should have handled criticism of the show better.

The protesters wanted to know what and how Sarandos would do best.

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