Payroll-as-a-Service Startup Check Announces partnership with Procare

Payroll-as-a-Service Startup Check Announces partnership with Procare

Check, the payroll-as-a-service company looking to simplify people’s payments, today announced a partnership with Procare Solutions, the leading child management software platform. Together, Check and Procare ensure that nurseries can pay better for their staff.

This partnership, which will allow Procare to fully integrate payroll capabilities into its platform, comes at a critical time for the childcare industry. As face-to-face service providers, daycare centers have been hit hard since the start of the pandemic and have had to deal with the ongoing waves of the coronavirus. While daycare administrators have been demanding better payroll for years, the pandemic and resource depletion have accelerated the urgent need to streamline the payroll process. By partnering with Check, Procare can create a more automated and easy-to-use payroll product for daycare centers across the country.

Procare plans to offer Check’s integrated payroll experience in early 2022.


Check is the first start of payroll-as-a-service to make it easier for people to pay. The platform provides everything businesses need to build, launch and scale a payroll product, including Check’s intuitive API; its simple on-board and Express front-end modules; and an intuitive control panel, Console. The company partners with leading vertical SaaS companies, presence platforms, human resources companies, and labor markets.


Procare Solutions is the largest provider of childcare management software, serving 35,000 nurseries, preschools, nurseries, after-school programs, camps, and other child-oriented businesses. For over 30 years, the company has empowered child-centric organizations to seamlessly manage all areas of their business, including attendance and tracking, contactless check-in and check-out, integrated payment processing, management team, parent engagement, and full ease-to-use platform reporting app. Procare supports customers of all sizes, from single-center operations to complex multinational enterprises.

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