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Pipeline and Workday Ventures Announce a Strategic Partnership

The award-winning Pipeline announced that Workday Ventures has built a factory plantation, making it part of the Work Software Partner Program.

The pump is at the forefront of using AI to help companies raise their financial potential by closing the gap for women equality. Following the integration of Workday Human Capital Management,Pipeline will allow client to experience inequalities in employees lives and access women relationships more quickly.

“It’s critical that organizations have the tools they need to help identify and address equity gaps in their workforce. Pipeline technology can help companies improve genderequity,while also leveraging the data and insights needed to proactively take action to mitigate bias.”

                                          – Mark Peek, managing director and head of Workday Ventures

The pandemic widened the intersectional gender equity gap across the world. Our partnership with Workday,a world-class enterprise software company,and leader in human resources and financial management, allows us to help organizations accelerate equity and close the gender equity gap in this lifetime.”

                                                            – Katica Roy, founder, and CEO of Pipeline

With Pipeline’s AI-powered platform, organizations can not only identify but also address gender discrimination in the workplace. According to a Pipeline study, organizations reported a 1-2% increase in a total 10 percent increase in female relationships.

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