Jump Recruits Launches the Latest Diversity Recruiting Center you’ll Ever Need

Jump Recruits Launches the Latest Diversity Recruiting Center you’ll Ever Need

Jump Recruits is pleased to share the launch of its most advanced diversity recruiting talent center. Based on existing resources, the JUMP team seamlessly created custom channels for individuals and companies; and in addition to identifying candidates and career opportunities, this talent center acts as a large community. A community to share career development tools, a community to help implement a more inclusive work environment, and a community to understand the entrepreneurial capacity building.

When JUMP CEO CEDric Chambers founded Jump Recruits, he believed that all people of ethnic diversity deserve the opportunity for career success. The Diversity Recruitment Talent Center was established to support this mission and take it a step further, understanding that training, support, and professional advice are ongoing building blocks for a truly thriving community and culture.

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Jump Recruits creates the greatest competitive advantage for companies in the world today.

Technologically, JUMP’s latest platform allows people to create their profiles, identify current opportunities that may be suitable, inform companies interested in the business without seeing an open position, and use variation training. , support and career tools available.

For companies, teams can intelligently search for talent using our built-in AI search, post upcoming RSVP opportunities, connect candidates one-on-one through messaging, and communicate internally with other recruiters about their intuitive recruiting talent center/interview.

From a brand perspective, companies can create video messages and testimonials to truly capture the essence of their workplace, culture, and business needs. Ultimately, greater representation at the top of the funnel, along with several enhanced communication features, make this platform a valuable platform for all recruiting teams and professionals who want to be part of a more inclusive and fair workplace.

With this latest version of the JUMP Talent Center, there’s an urgent opportunity for companies and individuals interested in ​​taking a virtual tour: a free trial membership that takes you straight to… dare we say that? 2022!.

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