RGP Launches Employee-Based Digital Platform for Professional Gig Workers

RGP Launches Employee-Based Digital Platform for Professional Gig Workers

RGP, a leading-edge global human capital company, has launched a new digital recruiting platform that gives accountants and funders greater flexibility with its employee safety net: HUGO at RGP.

HUGO at RGP is the first omnichannel platform to provide professional workers with the protection, security, and service benefits of RGP’s employee-based model while preserving the freedom and flexibility of the new trading economy. Available exclusively to customers and professionals in the New York Tristat area, the new platform offers users unprecedented transparency, agility, and control, in addition to the support of RGP’s team of customer service experts.

RGP changes the employment paradigm and helps companies match and deploy the right professional talent with the skills needed to manage critical customer initiatives with the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and high-touch.

For employers, HUGO hires managers to accelerate projects and schedules through a select group of accounting and financial advisors with on-demand accessibility skills with just a few clicks. The platform provides access to fully automated digital workflows, from onboard recruiting to time and billing reports, as well as comprehensive information on candidate references, experience, and fees. RGP’s unique W-2 based employee model also relieves companies of costly human resources, payroll, and tax burdens.

For candidates, HUGO offers a personalized user experience, helping them personalize and secure jobs at Fortune 100 companies for new businesses. Meanwhile, the W-2 based model offers candidates benefits and participation in traditional jobs such as paid time, health coverage, access to development and training, as well as the RGP community of nearly 5,000 professionals worldwide.

About RGP

RGP is a leading global human capital firm that helps clients find the right professional talent to tackle change and transformation initiatives. RGP, which has revolutionized professional services since 1996, is the time to work and attract the best talent in an increasingly fluid and concert-oriented environment. With headquarters in Irvine, CA, and offices around the world, RGP’s agile human capital model attracts high-quality professionals with the necessary skills who seek a work environment that includes flexibility, collaboration, and human involvement. The company’s winning proposition made it the leading provider of qualified professional services to help clients transform their businesses and workplaces. With more than 5,000 professionals, RGP attracts more than 2,100 international clients annually, including more than 85% of the Fortune 100 list.

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