Fastest Career Matching

SkillPointe Launches the World’s Fastest Career Matching Solution

On February 11, SkillPointe, a leading source of career, training, scholarship, and employment guidance, announced the launch of StartePointeTM. StartePointeTM is the world’s fastest personality profiling and career matching tool, specializing in qualified careers that don’t require a four-year college degree. It’s a unique solution that’s fast and thoughtful and based on the best chat-based recruiting software, Paradox Traitify.

Many different career assessment tools are too long and complicated for today’s busy students and job seekers. Thanks to its unique image-based and fast-paced design, StartPointe™ makes career discovery simple, fast, and fun!”

                                                                                               – Todd Wilson, SkillPointe Founder

This tool is a great starting point for busy working adults and students exploring different career options. It provides job seekers with a refined list of careers that fit their personality profile, which makes the process more efficient, especially in the early stages when people may not know where to start.”

                                                                                     – James Franchi, SkillPointe CEO

Once they delve deeper into SkillPointe’s career-compatible solutions, job seekers will receive detailed information on salaries, job responsibilities, future prospects, career growth, and the certificate or state license required to begin employment.

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