SkyHive Launches World’s First Search Engine for Human Capital Management

SkyHive Launches World’s First Search Engine for Human Capital Management

SkyHive®, the first company to map and track the global labor market in real-time, provide workforce intelligence and guide the rapid recovery of workers and communities around the world, today announced the launch of SkyHive Answers™, a cloud-based program. Which empowers leaders and business users with fast, accurate, and targeted answers to their pressing human questions.

By leveraging SkyHive’s Labor Market Intelligence, SkyHive Solutions eliminates the need for in-depth manual data analysis, complex data processing, and time-consuming research. SkyHive’s artificial intelligence technology analyzes more than 150 trillion data points to provide users with accurate information that addresses their most important talent and workforce strategy questions.

“HR leaders and their teams have traditionally been underserved by laborious, costly, and flawed solution offerings, Answers resolves these business-critical pain points, captures real-time shifts in the global labor market, and provides comprehensive and accurate information. When combined, these benefits allow users across industries to make effective workforce decisions at the speed of business.”

– Luke Egenolf, Vice President of Products at SkyHive

Using a search engine interface, SkyHive Answers questions related to employee turnover, retention, unemployment, hiring, development, and the competitive landscape. Popular topics include:

  • Geographic hotspots for hiring and location optimization
  • Supply and demand ratios for strategic recruiting
  • Compensation distribution trends for talent and budget optimization
  • Recruiting and attrition trends for talent strategies
  • Organizational skill and DEI comparisons for competitive benchmarking

We are building The Human Capital Operating System, which monitors the global labor market as no one has done before, SkyHive consumes data from more than 180 countries, billions of profiles, 2 billion jobs, 65 million companies, and other labor markets-related articles. We feed this information into our extensive knowledge graph, algorithms, and ethical AI framework to deliver unprecedented labor market intelligence. With Answers, we can now put the power of this knowledge directly into the hands of more people and help future businesses and employees, added Mohan Reddy, CTO, and co-founder.

About SkyHive

SkyHive is a Certified B Corporation and software provider of global workforce intelligence technology, enabling real-time labor market performance for companies, communities, and the economy. Leading enterprises use SkyHive’s cloud-based applications and platforms to power the future of work at its greatest level: innovation. SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analytics™ has been recognized by the World Economic Forum and Forbes for leading efforts in the field of AI and its positive impact on labor economics around the world.

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