South Korea offers farmers 1 lakh per month

South Korea offers farmers 1 lakh per month

South Korea: When the Council for the Promotion of Overseas Employment and Development (ODEPC) held a seminar on recruiting overseas jobs, it did not expect such an overwhelming response to the agricultural job vacancies in South Korea.

With many Keralites losing lucrative jobs in the Middle East due to the pandemic-induced recession, this state farm looks too good to resist, even with a one-year contract.

Currently, there are only about 100 jobs available, but another 1,000 will be hired later in a second round. There seems to be more demand for women.

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Demand for agricultural workers on several islands in South Korea’s Sinan and Muan provinces has attracted around 500 applicants. Most are attracted by the salary, as the work will be difficult as they will have to work in the cabbage and onion fields for about five months a year and even in very cold temperatures.

Employers are not looking for highly qualified candidates, although many of the candidates are postgraduates, which shows how desperate people are for the job! Those who have completed high school, basic knowledge of the English language, and age between 25 and 40 can apply. Accommodation must be organized by the candidates themselves. Preference will be given to those who have some knowledge and experience in agriculture and farming.

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