LiveHire (LVH: ASX), a world-class award-winning search and full-talented technology provider, has formed a strong partnership with Tundra Technical Solutions, a global staff leader who employs a wide range of well-known brands in the world, to provide specific solutions as well as create a global community for women seeking employment in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and related fields.

Tundra is the oldest talent in North America for direct contingent sourcing programs. The partnership includes Tundra’s expertise as a talented and record holder, with LiveHire’s direct sourcing technology and ten years of leadership experience with world-class representative experience for 150+ clients and 20 in leading industries in the world.

“This important partnership brings together two leaders in the pursuit of targeting and providing global solutions to our clients that promote a common goal, encouraging women around the world to think about STEM jobs and connect them to aspiring career opportunities, ”said Tundra president Micah Williams.

Shortly after winning LinkedIn’s Diversity Champion Award, Tundra’s dedicated True Talent team worked closely with partners like LiveHire to build smart and integrate hiring channels. Along with Tundra’s annual Women in the STEM mentor program and the True Talent initiative, Tundra continues its growing DE&I partnership as a leader in the manufacturing industry.

LiveHire helps leading organizations build incredible jobs by growing, controlling, and creating an independent Talent Community organization to deliver specific search results and full talent. LiveHire’s selected design and personal information agent provides 15% adjusted reward points to its customers of 150+ and tens of thousands of salaries per year. By integrating LiveHire technology with Tundra’s True Talent strategy that enables DE&I to train participants, DE&I analytics, and scheduled access programs, customers can build a unique approach to make a real difference to their full-time and gig staff.

“LiveHire is excited to partner with Tundra, a promising and progressive industry leader,” said Christy Forest, CEO of LiveHire. “In today’s powerful labor market, Tundra maintains a universal staff solution that takes on all challenges and permanence, a philosophy shared by LiveHire. LiveHire enjoys direct research and our unique long-term efforts.”

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