Vaccination mandatory for employees in the US

Vaccination is mandatory for employees in the US

With the increase in Delta variety cases in the United States, many employers are forcing their employees to take pictures. Some even ask employees to leave if they refuse to take the part.

In California, all government employees must have vaccines or wear a mask to work and get tested once a week. San Francisco government officials have been given a deadline to report their status or will be fined.

In June, more than 150 employees at the hospital in Houston were fired or resigned after refusing to be vaccinated.

Employers in the United States realize that a safe workplace is a must for organizations and their employees. Most want to impose strict vaccination policies, even as the country faces a serious shortage of labor.

Meanwhile, this mandatory vaccination policy is not suitable for everyone. Houston Methodist Hospital employees filed a complaint against the hospital over the vaccination request. However, the case is closed. A similar order from Indiana University, for its students and staff, was challenged and eventually blocked.

Vaccination laws vary from state to state. The U.S. Equal Opportunities Commission has previously stated that federal laws do not prevent employers from requiring all employees to be vaccinated before entering the workplace, as long as the policies are not interfered with by health, civil rights, and disability laws. Meanwhile, a Montana bill prevents employers from requiring employees to disclose their vaccination status.

To date, only about 53% of the US population has been vaccinated.

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