Walmart is hiring 1.50,000 people to handle the Festive crowd

Walmart is hiring 1.50,000 people to handle the Festive crowd

Walmart will hire 1,50,000 employees for stores before the holiday season. It receives at least 1.25,000 employees in its warehouses and for delivery. The job market in the United States is already tight, and these Walmart jobs, most of which are permanent and full-time, will only increase competition.

These employees will contribute to the 20,000 jobs that Walmart announced in its supply chain in August 2021. Job opportunities include order fulfillment and freight forwarders in the companies with more than 250 distribution and service centers, as well as transportation offices.

About three weeks ago, Walmart decided to end its quarterly bonuses and instead increase its employees’ hourly wages.

The average hourly wage that Walmart pays in the United States is now $16.40. While many organizations have increased their employees’ salaries to attract talent during a labor shortage, Walmart has announced it will cover their employees’ school and college costs.

About seven lakhs of retail jobs are expected to be created this holiday season. However, it is still below pre-pandemic levels. While Target expects to hire about lakhs of seasonal workers, FedEx and UPS together will hire about 1.90,000 workers.

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