White House offers flexibility for federal contractors to enforce vaccination

White House offers flexibility for federal contractors to enforce vaccination

The White House has released new guidelines that give federal contractors flexibility to implement vaccination requirements for their employees.

Most federal contractors will be free to enforce the vaccination requirements of their employees who refuse to be vaccinated as they wish. Organizations will be free to decide how to implement the vaccine mandate.

These guidelines for contractors are stricter than the guidelines that will be provided to companies with 100 or more employees, which employees can test regularly if they refuse to be vaccinated.

On September 9, President Biden issued an executive order requiring federal contractors to ensure their employees are vaccinated against COVID-19 and strictly adhere to masking and social distancing rules. The December 8 deadline has been set for contractors to implement these requirements.

It was clear that December 8 was not a strict deadline for contractors. However, contractors will have to demonstrate that they are making the necessary effort to ensure that their employees receive their bites and have policies of masking and social distancing at work.

In addition, federal contractors are not required to provide proof of vaccination coverage before December 8th. However, if they don’t, they risk losing the contract. Federal agencies are free to deny a contract worker access to the workplace because he or she has refused vaccination.

Simply put, most people who are not fully vaccinated will have to adhere to masking, social distancing, and testing protocols.

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