Work from home till January 2022, for Facebook employees

Work from home till January 2022, for Facebook employees

Facebook doesn’t plan to win back its employees before January 2022. In early June, the tech company said it prefers employees who spend at least half their time in the office and encouraged office staffing and visits to unions. He also insisted that all of his employees in the United States be vaccinated before returning to the office. But now, fearing that the delta variant of COVID-19 will spread quickly, the multinational has postponed the ‘return to office’ by about five months.

This decision is based on data from cases related to COVID. The organization tracks the number of cases and the situation in the United States and then decides to call the team back to the office. The company makes it clear that worker safety is its top priority.

Facebook isn’t the only company to delay returning to the office. Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others put off calling their employees to the office. Most companies in the United States require employees to provide proof of vaccination when they return to work. Others told employees they did not want to be vaccinated for weekly office checkups.

Some offices went ahead and allowed employees to work from home forever. LinkedIn, for example, offers tremendous flexibility to its 16,000 employees. Employees can choose to work remotely full-time or adopt a hybrid model and go to the office part-time as they wish.

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