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$1,500 bonus for Microsoft employees

Although the coronavirus has destroyed the minds of individuals and companies around the world, one company has decided to reward its employees for recognizing the challenges they face in the midst of the pandemic.

Microsoft, a leading technology company, has announced that it will give its employees in the United States and elsewhere a $1,500 pandemic bonus

An internal note describes the one-time bonus as a “unique and challenging recognition for the fiscal year Microsoft just completed.”

The report said that the gift applies to all employees below the level of the corporate vice president who joined on March 31, 2021, including part-time employees and those who are paid by the hour. However, employees of Microsoft, Linked In, Github, and ZeniMax cannot receive this bonus.

Most organizations distribute bonuses to their employees as a motivation and as a measure of exhaustion. Surveys in the United States have revealed that workers who work from home take so long to return to the office that they prefer to leave or consider changing jobs and staying at home rather than returning to the office. Therefore, these bonuses are ideal to keep remote workers happy, motivated, and with the company.

Meanwhile, the company has postponed reopening its offices until September. In early March, offices in some locations were expected to reopen, following a hybrid business model.

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