Apple tests unvaccinated staff every time they come to the office

Apple tests unvaccinated staff every time they come to the office

The tech giant Apple has announced that starting October 24, it will require its unvaccinated corporate employees to undergo the COVID-19 test every time they walk into offices.

The new policy applies to all Apple employees who refuse to report their vaccination status to the company. Apple also demanded rapid tests for its vaccinations once a week. However, employees at the company’s stores will be tested for the virus twice a week, Bloomberg reported.

Apple employees quickly get test kits so they can test themselves. The results must be reported by the employees themselves via the internal application. All employees were asked to submit a vaccination report by 24 October. They will have to present a vaccination certificate in the coming days.

The updated policy will be released on November 1, and Apple notified its employees via internal email. The company plans to open its offices to staff for at least three days, starting in January 2022. However, it said it will announce a “return to office” for employees a month before the decision is implemented.

The company encouraged its staff to get vaccinated and increased its optional testing schedule.

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