Beeline Announces New Experience, Giving Extended Workers Full Control Over Personal Data

Beeline Announces New Experience, Giving Extended Workers Full Control Over Personal Data

Beeline, the independent leader in global employee recruitment and management software solutions, today announced an upcoming talent event that will allow existing employees to create a private account and take full control of their representation in the workforce, allowing them to be independent. -disclose and protect your PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Beeline is the first and only extended employee platform that offers employees a private account with this level of autonomy and privacy control.

“Talent is central to the extended workforce and individual privacy is paramount in the workplace. Our new experience will enable talent to take an active role in the process and trust that their data is protected, Additionally, establishing this trusted relationship directly with workers increases the accuracy of data collected, which means companies can truly measure and understand diversity in the context of their recruitment process and active workforce.”

                                            – Colleen Tiner, SVP Product Strategy of Beeline

Mark Farmer, Accenture’s head of external talent, said: “Focusing on emerging talent, the event addresses the challenges of increasing data privacy laws and puts control back in the hands of the rightful owner, talent.

Historically, vendor management systems (VMS) placed the responsibility of managing talent information on hiring companies as part of the recruiting process. With new privacy laws looming, merchants and MSPs need solutions that relieve them of the burden and risk of data entry while improving the integrity of their data without compromising the provider-agent relationship.

As a leading HR solutions provider, AGS appreciates Beeline’s decision to build and manage the tools needed to internally source talent and provide data security, eliminating any risk for us as we continue to help clients with their and. business is critical to achieving DEI’s goals, said Cory Hansen, regional vice president for North America at Allegis Global Solutions (AGS).

Beeline’s new talent information is a big step forward in the correct management of various metrics. I have spent 15 years on the client side using many VMS systems and I have never been able to convey the number of people who are not our employees due to the difficulty of working together. I’m excited to see our customers incorporate this information to achieve transparency and create employee leadership This process will ultimately impact the company’s diversification footprint, said Dan Khublall, director of the product strategy at Beeline.

The new experience will be tested with select customers and partners throughout this year before an official launch in 2023. After the launch, Beeline, in collaboration with Consciously Unbiased, will introduce the industry’s first multi-talent.

About Beeline

Beeline is the world’s largest independent solutions provider for finding and managing the complex world of underperforming employees, enabling companies to increase profitability and flexibility by leveraging the rapid mix of employees and non-employees. Our software helps purchasing, supply, and HR managers optimize costs, reduce risk and add value to their purchasing services and non-performing workforce programs. We have a deep and dedicated team of workforce solutions experts. From our locations around the world, we provide innovative technology, comprehensive global and local customer service, and value-added capabilities that help many of the world’s largest companies meet their most demanding talent needs.

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