Betterleave Bereavement Launches Exclusive, Bereavement Benefit for

Betterleave Bereavement Launches Exclusive, Bereavement Benefit for Employees

Betterleave Bereavement has announced the launch of its mourning platform and health programs based on support for workers facing a family member, friend, co-worker, pet death, or miscarriage. Businesses use Betterleave to help employees navigate the complexity of grief in one place with caregivers and top death care professionals, equipment, and services, saving time and money. The Betterleave program provides mourning assistance through funeral arrangements, memorial, and building management, life and financial planning, and mourning-related resources.

“Betterleave is addressing a critical gap in employer support by offering a platform that equips HR partners and managers with the tools & insights to support employees experiencing bereavement” 

                         – Tracy Desmond, Head of Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility at Airbnb.     

Betterleave is the only comprehensive support for redundancies that affect the way the market and employers accept the loss of working families. By providing a personalized organization with technical support through the Betterleave platform, companies can support the well-being of their employees.

“At a time when the best talent is looking for more, Betterleave is offering employers a way to demonstrate that they truly care about their employees, we are excited to be part of Betterleave’s quest to modernize the death care industry.”

                                  – Dana Zachgo Wright, Managing Director at MATH Venture Partners.

Although the cemetery industry continues to take steps, most donors still hold on to the past. What people do today is fragmented, costly, and time-consuming – it takes more than 500 hours to fix things after a loved one dies. Leading the work to make understanding and facilitating work-related to death work, Betterleave created a platform to help with governance, finances, and loss.

“We believe that bereavement care is a core and essential component of health and wellbeing, We are not solving for a temporary need or trend, but a fact of life. Bereavement impacts all of us and we plan to drive meaningful, digital & sustained change to the industry.”

                                                         – Cara McCarty, Founder & CEO, Betterleave.                                   

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