Bosses can't text or call employees after work in Portugal

Bosses can’t text or call employees after work in Portugal

Portugal has passed legislation to ensure that the employees enjoy an adequate balance between family and professional life and the “right to rest”.

The country recently passed a law requiring employers who try to contact their employees through text messages or phone calls after work or before going to work to pay a hefty fine.

The new law also prohibits organizations from monitoring their employees while they work from home. With the change in the country’s labor laws, companies will now have to pay the increase in electricity bills and internet costs resulting from telecommuting.

The law couldn’t have been better drafted when working with the home culture nearly blurred the line between office and home for employees around the world. It was observed that bosses rarely think twice before calling their employees, regardless of the time or time of day or night, to inquire about projects or activities.

For example, the country’s Minister of Labor and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, announced at a conference in Lisbon that the Portuguese government intends to make life easier for teleworkers and reduce the system’s disadvantages. It is also how the Portuguese government promotes the “right to rest” of workers.

The law does not apply to employers who employ fewer than ten employees.

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