Covid continues to disrupt hiring

Around April 2020, several IT services companies postponed the appointment of the first few years due to the uncertain business environment after the pandemic. But now these companies are facing a talent crunch, and the industry is expected to employ more than a lakh first-year students secretly throughout this financial year.

Why? IT service companies started to increase the number in the first few years so that they can better respond to the ever-changing business environment. It can take up to 18 months to build a pipeline of talent, says Kamal Karanth, co-founder of Xpheno. Another reason for multiple encounters is that it’s difficult to scale a distance of several thousand people at once. The rise in hiring also helps companies respond more quickly to rising tensions and the ever-changing gap between supply and demand.

What companies do: Tata Consultancy Services has selected students over the past few years through the National Qualifier Test (NQT). “While we continue to welcome the majority of campus talent at the beginning of the year, we offer NQT every quarter, but we also had the opportunity to hire campus talent throughout the year,” said Girish Nandimath, director of acquisition for global talents of TCS. “This has extended our reach.” The number of employees at the company recently surpassed 500,000 and it said it will employ 40,000 graduates in India this year.

At Persistent Systems in Pune, hiring has become a 365-day-a-year business, said HR director Sameer Bendre. “The appointment of recent graduates is no longer a seasonal endeavor. We increase our intake of fresh food. The digital world has brought us together with a sudden interruption in the way we work, without compromising the productivity,’ he said.

Infogain plans to nominate 500 freshmen this year, launch presentations and supplement them quarterly. “Quarterly integration helps us better train recruits and gives us time to focus on newcomers,” said Ayogan Mukerji, CEO of Infogain.

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