Dover Releases “Candidate Management” Decreasing Talent Withdrawal in Hiring By 40%

Dover Releases “Candidate Management” Decreasing Talent Withdrawal in Hiring By 40%

Dover, a leader in early recruiting technology, announced the launch of its new agent product that automates scheduling, follow-up, and initial call screening, saving teams 20-30 hours to hire one.

The new product has two main components. The first is a complete scheduler that manages the organization of the program and the follow-up and rejection emails sent to candidates with customizable templates. Another is Dover Interview, which employs a team of experienced interviewers to manage the first phone screen, saving clients an average of 60-80 hours of attention without hiring one.

“candidate management has allowed him to dramatically scale their recruiting efforts, allowing us to hire excellent people without having to have a large in-house recruiting team.”

– Ritik Malhotra, CEO of Savvy Wealth

Early adopters of leadership candidates have seen significant success, including a 40% reduction in candidate attrition. As a result, they can more than double-check voters in the final stage, making sure they are making the right fit.     

Underestimating a candidate’s experience is a costly and widespread mistake: 63% of job seekers reject a job offer because of a candidate’s poor experience, and 27% “actively discourage” others from applying to the company. Over time, this means that it becomes increasingly difficult to attract candidates, especially if you are hiring for the same jobs.

The challenges of remote workplaces have increased the challenge of providing good information, but those who get it right are seeing long-term results: Companies that improved their processes were three times more likely to improve retention in the first year than those that didn’t.

With this opening, Dover continues to improve the applicant experience, improve employer branding and image, and reduce applicant attrition.

About Dover

Dover is building the first end-to-end application orchestration platform for the world’s largest enterprises. By combining best-in-class applicant assessment technology with customized process automation, we help companies find and hire top talent for their open jobs.

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