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Empowering Global Payroll Drives Massive Growth for Papaya Global as New Executive Hires Drive Further Expansion & Innovation

Papaya Global, which has a global capability, payroll, and payroll management system for organizations in more than 160 countries, announces the four roles of executives. As their first-built cloud-based SaaS platform continues to strengthen business organizations seeking to hire and rehabilitate global staff, these perfectly continue to monitor Papaya’s growth. Papaya Global technology enables companies to monitor the performance of their operations – their people – without tearing down their existing systems while also delivering valuable information in human resource management and management. Beyond HR and payroll, the Papaya Global platform has become a valuable asset for the 500 Fortune CFO companies seeking to enable payroll, people, and payroll management on usage and understanding of pricing.

“Global talent recruitment is becoming a crucial part of worldwide business operations as remote work and hiring continue to power the organizations of the future, when companies need to hire global talent and manage that talent with precise insights they think of Papaya Global. Our platform is not a nice-to-have, it’s a crucial piece of the tech stack for businesses looking to grow strategically.”

                                                  – Eynat Guez, CEO & co-founder of Papaya Global.

Industry leaders take makeup Papaya Global’s roster of new hires are:

  • Ruben Drong, Chief Innovations Officer: As Papaya Global’s first Chief Product Officer, Ruben charted technology vision and will now focus on long-term strategy and corporate vision.
  • Zvika Liblich, Chief Strategy Officer: Zvika will be responsible for cementing Papaya Global’s positioning in the market and delivering the clear narrative of Papaya’s value to US and global enterprise customers. 
  • Nadav Naaman, Chief Product Officer: Nadav will lead the transition of the Papaya Platform into a self-service, high-end product and is tasked with overseeing the further development of the Papaya Platform, particularly in the areas of automation, scale, connectivity, and self-service.  
  • Benny Vazana, Senior Vice President of Finance: Benny will scale up the company’s finance functions and will oversee Papaya Global’s finance functions, including accounting, treasury, tax, financial planning and analysis and corporate development.  


Papaya Global has the power to hire people around the world through empowerment, payroll, and payroll management for organizations in more than 160 countries. If companies want to remove barriers to global leasing, increase efficiency and improve the employee experience at the same time – they call it Papaya Global. Papaya’s automated, cloud-based SaaS platform provides end-to-end solutions, from board to continuous management and cross-border payment. This platform is accessible to all business needs, integrates with existing HRIS managers, and uses state-of-the-art technology to detect compliance and eliminate errors. It gathers all the information of employees in one place, creating the most visible system for tracking payroll and providing real-time business intelligence. The Papaya Group is currently based in Tel Aviv, New York, Austin, London, Kyiv, Singapore, and Melbourne.

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